About Wild Mustang Photography

Wild Mustang Photography

I have always loved photography. I am new at photography, about 5 years now, and could always use suggestions and help. I have had numerous shows at local libraries with my photography. I also have my works on display and for sale at a local gallery. I have a passion for animals and nature and have volunteered at Ma. Audubon for 6 years. I also have volunteered cleaning off birds at an oil spill off the coast of Ma. My Native American heritage inspired my interests in Native American Portrait photography and culture.

Photography Equipment

Sony A-100, and different lenses. My first shots were with a little Sony Cybershot. I can not afford expensive equipment , which is unfortunate, but I could think of worse things to happen to me in life, and I do my best with what equipment I can afford. I have never had any formal Photography schooling . I try to go with how I think things should look to me, and then try to figure out the technology by myself. Sometimes I am successful, and sometimes I am not. My love of landscapes, nature, animals, are what keep me going. I am grateful for the nature around me that I can photograph! Here is my web site and Thank you for visiting! http://wildmustangphotography.smugmug.com/ > Now Using a Canon 7D and Various lenses by Canon.