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Yellowstone National Park , Wyoming

Posted by
Wild Mustang Photography (Carlisle, Massachusetts, United States) on 29 August 2010 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

Yes, my first HDR image. Please give me tips on how to make things better. i know it will take months before i learn this right. All i know is I like the more fake look than a natural look. How do i get it to look surreal but not too fake. All this technology and I feel like I am cheating and it is not my own image. Same with photoshop. Do you think it is a mixed point of view, would you purchase an HDR type shot or a natural shot untouched? I think if you want to be published, maybe they like the HDR look now a days? I like both depending on the shot I guess!

Wild Mustang Photography - You may also want to check out my " Spotlight " images for July 19, 2010 and January 7, 2011, and for the "Color Spotlight" too! I am also grateful for all my friends at Aminus3. You all are very kind to visit everyday and comment. I have learned from everyone here, and also ,you all have inspired me. Here's to all the wonderful artist's!!! Happy Shooting! > I have also updated my , "About Page". > My New Web Site!

Luke Wiley from Spokane Washington, United States

I would like this view either way. Did you happen to do the hike down closer to the falls?

29 Aug 2010 5:14am

@Luke Wiley: Thanks! No we did not. I wished we had more time to do so.

Larry Elkins from Bisbee, United States

Wow, Pam. This is absolutely breathtaking.

29 Aug 2010 5:20am

@Larry Elkins: Thanks very much!

Cruz from exurbia, United States

I know this place well...this is breathtaking as Larry says. It looks like a painting on steroids!

29 Aug 2010 6:32am

@Cruz: Thanks very much!

wolfen from Villefranche s/s, France

Composition vertigineuse !!!
Le traitement a ajouté beaucoup de relief et de matière !!!
5 *****

29 Aug 2010 7:02am

@wolfen: Thank you very much!

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

Well done on the HDR - I'm still trying to get it right. I like the look of this - it has a painterly effect.

29 Aug 2010 7:23am

@kiwisa: Thanks very much!

Antoine from France

Gorgeous. Superb photo with a excellent framing. Excellent work. I like it. Have a great day Pam.

29 Aug 2010 7:26am

@Antoine: Thanks very much!

Julie from Le Cannet des Maures, France

très belle photo

29 Aug 2010 7:52am

@Julie: Thanks!

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Well done for making the effort to produce an HDR image - to date I've had no success at all. The effect in this picture is to make it look surreal - it doesn't pretend to be anything else and I like it very much.

29 Aug 2010 8:07am

@Nigel: Thanks, you can play around with it to see what you get as Tamara said! You should try it again!

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Well done for making the effort to produce an HDR image - to date I've had no success at all. The effect in this picture is to make it look surreal - it doesn't pretend to be anything else and I like it very much.

29 Aug 2010 8:07am

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

oops - sorry about that !!!!!

29 Aug 2010 8:07am

LB Vision & DowsherVision from PARIS, France

What an impressive shot and view. Your first HDR is off the hook I have to say ;)
Great job indeed.

29 Aug 2010 8:48am

@LB Vision & DowsherVision: Thanks very much!

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Congratulations on your first HDR ! I love this technique too, the great thing about it is that you never know what you get, it's like a surprise box ;) In this picture, the details where enhanced and it doesn't look fake at all, so you did great. Which software did you use ? I use Photomatix pro most of the time (still in trial version as I'm waiting for the new release to buy it). Problem with trial version is that you have to clone out the watermarks :( Have a wonderful sunday Pam :)

29 Aug 2010 9:14am

@Tamara: I tried the Photomatix pro. I do not no what to think about it. It is so new to me. Thanks!

Maggy from Liège, Belgium

très beau travail sur cette photo
merci de ta visite
Bon dimanche

29 Aug 2010 9:54am

@Maggy: Thanks!

The MaJor from TM HooD, Iran

wow..very beautiful and stunnin'

29 Aug 2010 10:16am

@The MaJor: Thanks!

Scene by Sharon Photography from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

this is absolutely beautiful - I really like the HDR, although, I personally have never tried it.

29 Aug 2010 11:00am

@Scene by Sharon Photography: Thanks!

Richard from Duns, United Kingdom

I'm always in two minds about HDR. Sometimes I like . sometimes not. I like this shot very much, but what I really like about it is the POV, coupled with the vast scale. Would I like it more as a non HDR. . . I think I might, but I cannot be sure. I've only ever tried it once myself. . .so I'm not really much use!

29 Aug 2010 11:54am

@Richard: Thanks!

Paul from summerside, Canada

What a beautiful view , nice spot

29 Aug 2010 1:02pm

@Paul: Thanks Paul!

Barbara Kile from Ft. Worth, United States

Beautiful view and I love to see the power that water generates. I too, do not often like a 'natural' landscape. I use the Orton technique. Google the technique by Darwin Wiggett if you want to try it. Not sure if water scenes and HDR work as well. Some things need to be softened and the Orton technique might give you what you want, however it is not a good technique for already contrasty images as the technique will increase contrast. It will give you a soft, painterly feel. Try it on your original image and see what you think. Remember to reduce the opacity of the top layer to lessen the effect if that is more to your taste.

29 Aug 2010 2:07pm

@Barbara Kile: Thank you so much for the info! You are a doll!!!!

Don from spokane, United States

A fine view of this tremendous falls. I think it depends on the view shot and its lighting as to which way would be better. This is a fine image with the HDR.

29 Aug 2010 2:17pm

@Don: Thank you Don!

Mindi from Winfield, United States

Pam, I've not tried HDR so I am not much help, but this is awesome!! Very powerfull!! I do have to say that I would be interested to see it with the Orton technique like Barbara suggested. 5*****

29 Aug 2010 2:58pm

Wild Mustang Photography from Carlisle, United States

Thanks so much, I appreciate your comments!!!!

29 Aug 2010 3:04pm

Becky from los angeles, United States

I think this is a fabulous image! I like the HDR - and of course if you looked at it both ways - and this was the one you found most appealing - then - you should do it. : ) I use to feel like I was cheating when I treated photos - but now I look at it as having fun - trying new things - I love the different looks for the different subjects. It's a personal choice and it's the greatest part of any art form. We get to play. That's what it's about.

29 Aug 2010 4:26pm

@Becky: Thank you Becky for your inspiration and tips! Your wonderful!

kate from lincolnshire, United Kingdom


29 Aug 2010 4:48pm

@kate: Thanks Kate!

Philip from South Wales, United Kingdom

I much prefer the natural look although this is a very good HDR as you have not gone mad. A really good 'mad' HDR ios a work of art but so many people do not get it right (to me) or pick the wrong subject. Whenever I have tried HDR I have found that the subject matter and the range of light are a big parameter that determines what you can achieve. Mind you, this is a great view and would be great in any format.

29 Aug 2010 4:51pm

@Philip: Thanks Philip! I am glad for your tips!

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Wonderful composition! Nice processing with great perspective!

29 Aug 2010 5:10pm

@MARIANA: Thanks!

Steve from Sonoma, United States

Very powerful image from a great point of view.

29 Aug 2010 5:18pm

@Steve: Thanks!

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States


29 Aug 2010 7:10pm

@Steve Rice: Thanks!

Sunder from Chennai, India

Splendid view..well composed and I like your processing in HDR..

29 Aug 2010 7:23pm

@Sunder: Thanks!

Susan from Pompano Beach, by Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

I think it's a great first effort for an hdr.....and what a fantastic spot to try out the technique!!! and i agree with becky......all this software and processing is just another expression of our "art"........

29 Aug 2010 7:38pm

@Susan: Thanks!

Judy aka Ladybug from Brooksville, Florida, United States

Your colors and processing are wonderful ... the only thing missing is the rainbow at the bottom of the falls! ;D

29 Aug 2010 7:45pm

@Judy aka Ladybug: Thanks!

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

There is a time and place to use each one of these technologies Pam. The decision is up to you and how much of a purist you want to be. Nicely captured! ;-)

29 Aug 2010 8:04pm

@Eric Cousineau: Thanks!

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

I do not like HDR too much as it has so strong contrasts. But yours works nicely and I would not know it was HDR if you had not explained!

29 Aug 2010 11:00pm

@flyingwind风飞扬: thank you very much!

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Personally, I think this is an excellent first HDR; in fact, it is much better than the HDR photographs of many who have been doing it for a long time. It looks like classic HDR to me. When it comes to creating a surreal look, that depends on your software; check out the tutorials for the particular software that you are using. Actually the more difficult task is creating an HDR image with a very natural look.

29 Aug 2010 11:21pm

@john4jack: Thank you very much for your support! You are very kind!

willow from Chelsea, United States

I don't care how many times I see this scene - it always takes my breath away.

29 Aug 2010 11:50pm

@willow: thank you Willow! You are very kind!

Tim from Ft. Worth, United States

excellent, pam! great perspective :)

30 Aug 2010 12:28am

@Tim: Thank you Tim!

✿ Anina ✿ from Auckland, New Zealand

WOW!!! I'm a big fan of good HDR's and this one is excellent! It doesn't look "fake" and overprocessed - it's perfect!!! I love the detail and textures. I can't believe it's your first one - congratulations and well done. I hope we are going to see more HDR's from you in the future

30 Aug 2010 12:52am

@✿ Anina ✿: Thank you! you are too kind!

Jerry - a moment in time [...] from Chicago, United States

I've beem there and yeah - it looks like this !
need to get my hands on HDR too at some point

30 Aug 2010 2:42am

@Jerry - a moment in time [...]: Thanks! i hope you can try it! it is fun!

Marie LC from Dauphiné, France

Grandiose !

30 Aug 2010 3:46am

@Marie LC: Thanks!

pax from Mahon, Spain


30 Aug 2010 8:45am

@pax: Thanks!

Othersideblue from Kerman, Iran

yeah i agree with a little touch to enhance the quality sharpness and contrast .. have you ever tried Picasa 3 ? its much easier than Photoshop

30 Aug 2010 9:25am

@Othersideblue: Yes I have ,and I needed something more than that ,so tried appature and hdr.

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

A wonderful fall, and a very interesting processing

30 Aug 2010 4:04pm

@Calusarus: Thanks! That's HDR for ya!

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

Magnificent view, I can feel the power of this giant waterfall.

30 Aug 2010 4:39pm

@Howard F.: Thanks!

Stephen Phillips from San Francisco, United States

What a glorious image! To me - any image is all about trying to convey the feeling you had as you made the capture. The feeling you wanted to convey to the viewer.

30 Aug 2010 6:31pm

@Stephen Phillips: Thank you very much!

Cherished Keepsake Photography from Chapmanville, United States

I haven't mastered HDR.. but I think you did a fantastic job on this image.. it seems to have all the elements needed to do HRD... so well done and look forward to seeing more

30 Aug 2010 6:39pm

@Cherished Keepsake Photography: Thank you very much!

[email protected] from London, United Kingdom

such a dramatic scene (and HDRi is such a controversial subject)

30 Aug 2010 6:51pm

@[email protected]: Thanks!

Mhelene from Paris, France

Wow ...Beautiful !

30 Aug 2010 7:33pm

@Mhelene: Thanks!

LauraS from Chico, United States

WOW, look at all the support and comments you get on this shot? Aren't you just happy!!? You give me courage to try it one day, myself. I never have, either, but you give me hope and confidence.

30 Aug 2010 9:20pm

@LauraS: Thank you Laura! If I can do it, not being savoy with the latest technology, you can do it ,especially with your beautiful photography! Thanks for all your support! :)

Bethany from Michigan, United States

Wow, that would be really something to see in person. It is so large!

31 Aug 2010 12:21am

@Bethany: thanks!

Pravin Patade from Fremont, United States

OHHH MYYYY GODDDD.... sucha beautiful capture. 5 *s

31 Aug 2010 12:23am

@Pravin Patade: Thank you very much!

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

A beautiful panoramic view captured here! The treatment here really brings out the texture in the evergreens and cliffs.

31 Aug 2010 12:48am

@Steven: Thank you!

Marion from Cincinnati, United States

Hello! So many comments!!!! WOW!!! Congrats. I would love to see this shot in its "natural" tomorrow or upcoming day. This image reminds me of cowboy stories looks almost hand-painted ...well done... the waterfall is very impressive...I can't wait to see the non-hdr image - please... :)

31 Aug 2010 1:25am

@Marion: Thanks much!

Viewfinder from Bradenton, FL, United States

If this is your first effort at HDR, then you deserve three cheers for excellence! A magnificent scene, a great photo of it, and HDR magic all rolled into one very fine shot!

31 Aug 2010 2:12am

@Viewfinder: Yes, first effort! Thanks viewfinder for your kind words!

Formerly Known as MontereyJohn from Waterbury, CT, United States

In a word ... GORGEOUS!

31 Aug 2010 2:39am

@Formerly Known as MontereyJohn: Thank!

Amanda from Jersey City, United States

Powerful landscape scene--I can actually hear the sound of the falls! I can't provide any pointers on the HDR processing as I've never had much luck with it.

31 Aug 2010 2:50am

@Amanda: Thanks!

Mici from Tg Mures, Romania

Not bad for the first try, the place in breathtaking

31 Aug 2010 7:00am

@Mici: Thanks!

Don Smith from California, United States

Hi Pam, I can tell you as a professional trying to make a living selling stock that "over-the-top" HDR will not sell except for an occasional image. I do however have success with HDR utilized to make the image appear as my eye saw it. It's really your call. If you like the somewhat HDR-ish effect, then go for it - it is your art. If you are trying to sell "fine-art" I think you will find a market. If you are trying to sell to publications, then try to keep it real looking. Hope this helps!

31 Aug 2010 1:08pm

@Don Smith: Thanks Don! I am glad you let me know that, because the pictures I sell, are not HDR, and I did not know if HDR would be something new to create and sell and be popular. Thanks very much for the info.

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

A fantastic point of view... this is really a magnificent landscape...

31 Aug 2010 5:31pm

@Evelyne Dubos: Thanks!

Andrea from Regina, Canada

A beautiful scene! Somehow to me the HDR makes this look like one of those models you would see in a museum or visitor centre; you know what I mean? In my opinion, I like HDR best with either dramatic skies or very fine textures, or both if possible. I prefer mountain vistas like this as natural, but that is my preference.

31 Aug 2010 6:11pm

@Andrea: Thanks for your opinion! :) I think the visitor center pictures are beautiful! I always dreamed of taking those type images, you know, like National Geographic like images. That is what the visitor center pics remind me of! I guess we all see things different, but I think my pic came out well ,also telling by the feedback here! Thanks!

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

what 's a wonderful landscape !!!
five stars !
kiss !

31 Aug 2010 7:32pm

@marc battault: Thanks!

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Another stunning landscape from you!!! This is so dramatic! I love how it builds and cascades. And I just love the colors!

2 Sep 2010 3:50am

@Bettina: thank you Bettina! You are very kind!!!

Céline from New York City, United States

Wow ! This is gorgeous ! 5***** !

2 Sep 2010 4:52am

Anita from West Nottingham, United States

This image says: rugged!

2 Sep 2010 10:30am

Laurent from Lyon, France

what a superb landscape!!

7 Sep 2010 5:05pm